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Addicted to Acceptance

Addicted to Acceptance


There is nothing more disheartening than seeing how totally and utterly some of our leaders “elected/hereditary/grassroots/people of influence” in our communities, circles, and movements reject, judge, or neglect our people who are hurting and in a really bad spaces. Especially when it comes to addictions, or dysfunctional patterns of behaviour, especially when you see these same people talking about the negative effects that genocide, colonization, forced assimilation, and residential schools has on our people daily, and we are impacted by PTSD on a daily basis.

If that is the true way you feel than you would realize that the effects run deep and they are hard to shake, inter-generational effects are not just shrugged on and off like a coat. Like a sister said when we were talking: “we don’t just decide one day to wake up and head down to skid row and be addicted to alcohol or drugs or sell our bodies.” there are many reasons layers and layers of complex issues that put our peoples in these positions and if your CONSCIOUS of this than you wouldn’t put down or look down on our people who are hurting hard and self medicating. I seen a influential person posting on social media a couple years back that when the people on welfare and reserves start protesting or rallying than it will be a “real” revolution.

I beg to differ, the real revolution will begin when we stop judging and belittling others for coping with trauma and pain as best they can, it will come when we realize the worth of our people and stop joining the white folks in neo colonialism and perpetuating negative stereotypes. Some of our fiercest and most hard warriors have clawed their way up and out of the black hole of genocide, it’s a shame to look down on our lives and the way we lived them because that’s what made us who we are. We have to accept somewhere along the frontlines not everyone is gonna be sober or functional or clean, or whatever ideal you want to fit our hurt people into and include and love them anyways instead of being dismissive and hardened in your spirit and heart. Especially if you have been there before, especially if you know how hard it is to find support, to dig yourself out, to struggle to breath when your drowning in a morass of racism, and daily trauma.

brokenThere is space for us all, there is space for the depressed, the anxiety ridden, the self medicaters, the negative, I believe when we create those safe spaces a true healing will be achieved and if we stop expecting more than our people can give and start accepting what they have to offer our movement will only become stronger and more powerful.

Xhopakelxhit ~ Ancestral Pride

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Decolonizing Birth ~ Indigenous Midwifery

bbI have started an gofundme campaign to raise money for updating my birth kit! Please donate and support indigenous midwifery

My name is Sacheen Seitcham. I am a 37 year old indigenous mama from the West Coast of Vancouver Island, I specialize in Nuu Chah Nulth birthing practices because this is what i know, what i am passionate about. I am highly intuitive and skilled in connecting with the guiding spirit. This is the fire that lives within me the fire that drives me to learn, to grow, to care about pregnancy. To help women during, labor, birth and after care.

I have been called to midwifery from a very early age, after having been dissatisfied as a very young mother after my first birth no matter how triumphant! I knew i had to learn a different way. I cobbled together best I could meaningful rites of passage for myself and my two babies that followed. Flowing with my instinct and the indigenous knowledge i gathered from various elders, healers, and yes Dr.’s and nurses. I started helping other mothers, friends and family, I quickly became the “one” that everyone went to if they had questions or concerns. I was very honored to be taught by our family Dr. the more medical aspects of birth and with her guidance I delivered my sister two babies.

I have gone on to birth three more children of my own, traditional and ceremonial home births for two and with my last a hospital birth. All three births were sacred and completely as i had planned and envisioned. This is the right of every woman, to birth without boundaries or fear. I now am mother to nine children and one grandchild.

I spent 1 month in Haiti in June / July 2011, at the mother health international birth center gaining hands on training needed and offering my services to the women who were affected by the tsunami. This was invaluable to my experience and changed me profoundly.

bbcheckWhen we think of pregnancy and childbirth we all almost invariably think of going to the hospital and for some this option seems wrong and does not fit with who they are, for others maybe they have not realized yet that there is a safe alternative. Birth is natural, normal, and healthy and in most cases does not require hospitalization or intervention. With guidance and love the mother and her birth companions are all cared for and happily experience one of the universes most treasured miracles. Sacred Natural Birth.

I self identify as a midwife, i believe it is the path that was chosen for me by Creator and I educated myself accordingly and practiced for a long time without saying i was midwife before i felt i had gathered enough skills and knowledge to start to own it and take on that responsibility in a clean and dignified manner. When i was ready i was cleansed and blessed by our ancestors with oosmich and prayers and work. After that i felt i had the permission of my ancestors and was blessed.  I am still educating myself and i wont stop learning til the day i die, this is a life long calling for me

Traditional ways are becoming lost to us and some people with the knowledge hoard it to the themselves the other half are giving it away to anyone who asks for it even if they aren’t actually called to being a healer because they don’t want the knowledge gone. I deal in herbs as well but i don’t consider myself a medicine person or a spiritual healer i am a humble and grateful woman who wants to learn, share, and spread knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth and by dint of action am called a midwife.

Xhopakelxhit ~ Ancestral Pride

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burnaby mountain

Repost from: Burnaby Mountain on FB:

RCMP arrests 24 on Burnaby Mountain; Caretakers call for ongoing solidarity presence, say “This pipeline will not be built”

RCMP have arrested at least 24 Burnaby Mountain caretakers and supporters today, as police moved in to remove a long-standing protest presence against Kinder Morgan’s pipeline survey crews.

Arrests include
– Sut-lut, a Sḵwx̱ú7mesh elder who started the sacred fire onsite
– Kaleb Morrison and Erin Flegg who have been at the site for months
– Adam Gold, a named defendant in Kinder Morgan’s injunction and civil law suit
– A tree sitter who has been camped out on top of Borehole 2 drill site
– Tamo Campos, David Suziki’s grandson who has been supporting the site for weeks.

Fourteen of those arrested have been released on civil contempt charges, the other ten remain in-custody.

Kinder Morgan crews, escorted by RCMP, are currently at the clearing and have begun work. The Burnaby Mountain caretakers are calling for an ongoing presence at the mountain, as well at the RCMP detachment at 6355 Deer Lake Avenue.

“We are sending a clear message that the pipeline will not be built on unceded lands without the consent of Indigenous nations and the approval of all those who love these lands,” the group gathered has declared.

For photos and updates on the situation:

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