You might have been wondering why we have been reposting many of our works and vids on our facebook page. we are taking a hiatus for some much needed detoxing and self care! also need to work on writing this book and finding a way to publish it. we took the infamous Everyone Calls Themselves an Ally, Until It is Time to Some Real Ally Shit! free zine off our website, and are asking those who want it to click the link! support us feeding our family! we are not making any new medicines right now either until further notice, we will as soon as we can!

THIS WEBSITE AND OUR PAGE will still be here, so read share, hear our truths, our struggles, our quest for help. and than re-examine your motives and help and how that impacts the struggle in a colonial way and how to transition from this world to the real one! as we have been saying for well over 15 years its not just the resource extraction industry its the whole country itself and the modern civilization that depends on resource extraction for daily life and due to this, no one can ever really be free it of until they stop using it!

Chuu and Kleco for all your help and support Gwaiina, Xhopakelxhit, and the deadly Seitcham Boyz!