Suicide is genocide and nothing more,
all these loves I’ve lost,
I lay at Canada’s door.
suicide is genocide and something more,
I tremble and shake when death knocks on my door,
I open it to a river of indigenous blood,
it leaves me shaky and breathless,
my heart sore.
Suicide is genocide and everything more,
when my loves die,
it makes me hate canada more.
Every precious life we lose
every sacred breath not taken,
is colonization’s ugly spore.
Suicide is genocide this I know,
I am covered in the blood of those gone before,
warriors are lost and families broken,
we all tremble to answer the blood at our door.
Suicide is colonized and nothing more,
just another dead native on the floor.
Suicide is murder canada commits,
they hide their sin in feigned innocence.
suicide is genocide this I know,
another dead loved one delivers this blow.
How can we fight, how can we resist,
when canada is killing us with an iron fist,
Suicide is canadas blame,
don’t believe me just ask,
every child man and woman hanged,
all their lives whisper canada shame.
Suicide is genocide and so much more,
I have cried ocean’ of tears on my floor.
Suicide is genocide and nothing new,
if your skin is red watch out,
canada is gunning for you.

Xhopakelxhit ~ Ancestral Pride