We are a Ku us family, dedicated to stopping industry, and the devastation on our lands, and in our waters. Like many grass roots we need help and support to attend gatherings, organize in our communities, and promote our work. We believe in reciprocity, and while we would welcome monthly donators we also feel by making these medicines available for purchase to all who support Ancestral Pride is a way of supporting each other! In our family quest to be self sufficient, and to let go of our dependence on western societies excesses, we started looking at how we purchase items, the reasons for the purchases we made, and is there another way? We decided to try our hands at using plants we grew, wild harvested, or obtained ethically to create natural, healthy, healing, medicines and self care products. These medicines were made with love, intention, prayer. They are small batch handcrafted by us and our children at home. We take the utmost care and cleanliness while we work because we care about the people who will be using them. Our Spirit of the Land ~ Revolutionary Healing medicines are very different from commercialized preparations, and even from micro businesses. We do not add extra and unnecessary ingredients or packaging to “enhance” colors, smells, or to garner sales, our goal is healing, we make our own infused oils (all organic) and do not rely heavily on essential oils, dyes, or perfume so the scents and colors are the natural smells and colors of the oils and plants we use. This means our medicines may not be the color or the smell you are used to, but they are the real deal full of healing intention and actual healing properties. Kleco and Chuu Queen and Crow ~ Ancestral Pride