4 Indigenous Midwives are traveling to the birthkeepersummit.com Please donate!

Myself and 3 of my amazing indigenous midwife friends Alana, Claire, and Kanahus are working hard on ourselves to bring our traditional birthing practices back to our women. Alana has started a fundrazr page!

From the Fundraiser page: Bringing gentle birth back to indigenous communities one birth/baby/mother at a time. With your support a small group of dedicated indigenous women will be able to further training and experience in traditional birth assistant training. The funds raised will help cover the costs of travel, training, food and lodging while attending workshops and conferences with other birthkeepers. Please donate $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 or whatever amount you can to help reach the goal. For thousands of years native women from hundreds upon hundreds of indigenous tribes have been helping one another through the sacred time of pregnancy and birth. Through training and sitting with elder midwives we can bring back peaceful birth by means of oral history and hands on practice! This is the original way of our people. DONATE HERE

Some background on me! I will update with the other midwives bios as they send it to me!
My name is Sacheen Seitcham. I am a 37 year old indigenous mama from the West Coast of Vancouver Island, I specialize in Nuu Chah Nulth and Coast Salish birthing practices because this is what i know, what i am passionate about. I am highly intuitive and skilled in connecting with the guiding spirit. This is the fire that lives within me the fire that drives me to learn, to grow, to care about pregnancy. To help women during, labor, birth and after care. To decolonize our pregnancies and birth and rely on our own midwives in our villages.